From Dead Organic to Living Inorganic!

This series for used on the fuzzy border line between “Dead Organic” and “Living Inorganic”.

Being a subject, the organic bears the aspect an inorganic and the inorganic resuscitates as an organic.

The carcass of a lizard exposes pop man-made beauty. The solidified yellow light bulbs seems like creature eggs.

These subjects were encounters in the course of out daily lives.

At the first step of this photographic work, I take pictures of the subjects from various angles.

Next, I weave a story around the subjects from these pictures, and get work started based on the story.

The created object is displayed with it own photograph in some cases

because it makes no sense to separate two dimension from three dimension.

You think it may be a product of chance.

However, I think it is necessity because of the coming out of this series which brings into sharp relief of the fuzzy border line

between “Dead Organic” and “Living Inorganic” as the results of encounter with a subject,

weaving of a story over time and works to add a new dimension to Knicks and knacks.

One day, I had an odd experience.

Animal skull put in my room fell down without any people.

I started to feel the fuzziness of the border line between life and death by the unusual experience.

Organic / Inorganic unable to dichotomize and Life / Death are an endless theme for me to confront.

Finally, The word “From Dead Organic to Living Inorganic!” is referred from

“On The Wall – The Crime of Mr. S. Karma.” written by Kobo Abe in 1951.